Congratulations to our student who graduated from the Blind People in Charge Program last month.

We are proud of all of our students and everything that they accomplish. We’d like to highlight one student in particular who worked so hard and accomplished so much during his time at the Pacific Training Centre for the Blind.

His accomplishments included:

  • Learning to walk with a long white cane.
  • Using public transit to travel independently.
  • Completing a ‘Drop Route’ — which is where we take students to an undisclosed location and ask them to find their way back to the centre using non-visual cues in the environment.
  • Planning and preparing a three-course meal for ten people.
  • Mastering level one Braille.
  • Learning to use a screen reader and computer.
  • Finding employment.

Congratulations to all our students. The photograph to the right shows our student holding his graduation Braille plaque and Freedom Bell.

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