Skill Focused

  • To provide no-fee training in one specific blindness skill
  • To increase one specific blindness skill identified by program participants
  • To improve the participant’s abilities in one of the following areas:
    • Tactile and Braille skills;
    • Life skills;
    • Adapted Technology skills; or
    • Orientation and Travel skills;
Admission Criteria
  • low vision, blindness or failing vision (those with additional disabilities are eligible)
  • 19 years or older.
  • Self referral (medical referral not required)
Expectations of Participants
  • Students commit to attending the program for a 1 or 2 hour training session once a week.
  • Student’s are required to sign a Student Responsibility Form at intake.
  • Students identify the specific skill they are wanting and ready to learn.  From this discussion, general goals and specific objectives are determined, and these dictate lesson planning.
  • Training is delivered one-on-one, or in group sessions (maximum of 3 students).  Students are required to wear learning shades during training sessions.  Trainers are blind and those with remaining vision wear learning shades also.  Training is delivered using the structured discovery model of teaching.
Duration of training
  • Students will be accepted throughout the school year (September – June) depending upon trainer availability and expertise.  Note: Admission preference will be given to students who wish to attend the full Blind People in Charge Program.  Skill Focused Program students may continue to attend as long as training staff is available and the student is making progress towards their goals.
  • Students will be discharged from the Skill Focused Program:
    • Upon achievement of their goals;
    • If they are no longer making progress towards their goals; or
    • If training staff is no longer available.

Discharged students will be given available resources to continue their learning.