Michelle, July 2018

“When I started using the long white cane, it changed my whole travel experience.  I stopped running into everything and tripping and also people moved out of the way for me. It gave me more dignity. It has definitely given me a sense of freedom and confidence.  Another aspect is that the long white cane has given me a greater sense of safety. I have learned how to do my own banking by audio, grocery shopping, cooking and travelling independently everywhere including to Vancouver for my medical appointments. I have also learned how to count my own paper money and I have started to learn Braille.  When I hear about what the other students have accomplished during our discussion time in the morning, it fills me with a sense of confidence to try new things myself.  The whole staff has been amazing and so patient with me."

Miriam, June 2018

"I was walking with two poles when I first came to the training centre and now I’m walking with one cane, a long white cane. I had two computers: a laptop and a desktop, neither of which was working for me. The technology specialist at Pacific Training Centre got me up and running on my laptop which I use all the time to keep connected and find out what is going on in the World. I’m slowly gaining more confidence with cooking and have updated my Braille skills. The PTCB has helped me to gain more independence and self-confidence."

Shirley, May 2018

"I have learned a lot of things that make me be more independent, such as computers, Braille, travel training and learning how to use two canes. I learned how to make coffee and interact with other students. I am a lot happier and the staff and care aids where I live have noticed how much more positive I am. I am now able to go shopping on my own and am looking into moving from Nigel House into assisted living."

Ann, April 2017

"Learning blindness skills provides a double advantage.  I see it as moving forward. The more I can learn now before I lose the rest of my sight, the better. It is wonderful for me to come to your classes. Already, much of the fear of what's ahead of me as my vision deteriorates is gone. Learning early what I will need to know whilst I still have some sight is so empowering and I really appreciate the time you and Linda spend with me. Thanks to you, I know now that losing my vision will not deprive me of my independence.”

Kashmere, October 2016

“I was skeptical and scared before coming to the center. I didn't think I could do things without my vision. Now I am actually teaching others how to do things like deciphering the dots on the money, putting batteries into devices, Measuring, cutting etc. My son is blown away by what I can do now. I always used to ask him for help because I thought I couldn't do it. Now I always try to do it on my own.”

Sue, September 2016

“I wouldn’t use my white cane before. Now I am using it, taking it into malls and around the city. My friends tell me it makes such a difference. It has made such a huge difference in my life.”

Delores, April 2016

“The PTCB offers so much more than other services. I have learned braille, technology the slate and stylus, cooking and more.”

Leona, October 2015

“Six months ago I probably wouldn't of thought of doing it; I went to the doctor without a caretaker and found the office on my own. Every step I take, I am more confident.”

Leona, March 2015

“I was told I would never be able to read Braille and now I know my letters from a through z.”

TJ, 2015

“I didn’t know there was anything out there to help with the changing conditions of my life. I am still partially sighted, but the light really hampers me. The centre is teaching me that I can still maintain my independence. I am learning different ways of doing things. I am doing things now in a more tactile way. This has made things so much easier. For example, in my home situation, and travel -- being able to learn the cane and to use it. What I’ve learned has been really beneficial and has helped me in my everyday life.”

Gina, 2015

“I didn’t realize there was such a thing as this centre. It is teaching me the skills I will need when I do lose my sight completely. It is helping me with my independence. Before the centre, I never attempted to do things with a blind fold. Now I am  learning cane travel and  braille. Walking down the street isn’t as stressful or as difficult anymore -- now that I have the cane. I am coming to an acceptance with the  guidance of the instructors. I am Learning a lot about myself and what I can do without sight.”

Shane, June 2014

"Had such a great time at the Pacific Training Center for the Blind Open House. Saw some old friends and made some new ones for sure. The room was filled with confident, fun, intelligent and empowerment is the goal for this centers students. On all levels. I had such a wonderful time today. It felt so good to be engaged in conversation and be part of a group of common goals, but also individual strengths. Walking to the bus stop, I felt like I was walking a little taller and holding my head a little higher.”

Erin, April 2014

“I feel like I’m coming home in this program. I feel like I’m becoming the woman I’ve always wanted to be. We help each other, and we can be ourselves.”

Ken, April 2014

“I’m happy with myself. I feel like a new man.”

Anonymous Student, 2014

"I wanted to tell you that I finally used the oven to bake rosemary potatoes, thanks to all of you for your ongoing support and awesome friendship! I can't believe that years of imprisonment has turned to freedom! Without the use of braille and help in seeing how the oven functions, I may as well have locked myself in jail and thrown away the key for good! Y'all are awesome!"