Pacific Training Centre

Erin, a blind woman, walks independently.

Welcome to the Pacific Training Centre (PTC). We are blind people empowering blind people to be employed, independent and free.

About the Pacific Training Centre

The Pacific Training Centre Division of the Canadian Organization of the Blind and DeafBlind, serves blind, DeafBlind and low vision adults from across Canada of all ages from young adults to older seniors.

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Training Programs

We deliver our main program, Blind People In Charge, to Canadians from across the country at the centre, located on Bowen Island. We provide non-visual training in: tactile skills, including Braille; orientation and travel training with the long white cane; daily living skills such as cooking and cleaning; technology such as computer and iPhone use without sight; and employment readiness.

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The Bowen Island Recreation, Training and Meeting Centre Project

The Bowen Island Recreation, Training and Meeting Centre Project is an initiative of the PTC and Camp Bowen]( to create a recreation, training and meeting centre on Bowen Island, BC to house a ten-month intensive blindness/DeafBlindness skills training program from September to June and summer independence camps during July and August.

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Get Involved

We appreciate your desire to help. The only question is, how do you want to help us? There are several ways.

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The PTC funds the bulk of its operations through grant awards and donations from the general public.

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We would love to hear from you. For more information, please contact us